My Inspiration Behind the Project

the lost year

Retrospectives Portrait Project is free portrait program designed to give every Graduating student in Western Nevada County a chance to showcase what was lost through a one-of-kind 15 minute portrait session.

After realizing the loss of my own graduates celebrations and rites of passage this year because of the Coronavirus, I wanted to do something special for not just my two kids, Lauren, 14 (graduating NCSA and Riley 21, graduating from UC Davis), but for others as well.

Since launching on April 19, 2020, we’ve booked over 250 grads from all over Western Nevada County. Students from schools like Magnolia, Bear River, Nevada Union, Forest Charter, Silver Springs, and colleges like Berklee School of Music, Sarah Lawrence, St. John’s, and CA State Univ. Maritime Academy. Hearing some of their stories was heartbreaking in the sense of they all had big plans to go out and take on the world with their new degrees.

I know this can’t by any means replace what I call the “Lost Year” but at least they’ll have something to treasure from a year to remember.


Hey, that's me. I was the photographer and project lead. Over the course of 29 Days of Photographing over 150 Graduates, the experience was incredible. We met some incredible families (and grads!) with the utmost appreciation for what we were doing for the Lost Year Graduates.


Hey, that's my wife. Katie (along with being busy with our kids and distance learning) was the logistical coordinator who made this project possible behind the scenes. Katie made it possible and scheduled each shoot based on days and location as well as processing of inputting of all data. Katie also helped assist in the early stages of the project.


Hey, that's my friend Allison. Allison herself is an accomplished photographer. I got a call from Allison asking about the project and offering her assistance. We brought her on to assist. She has been an invaluable asset on location helping with lighting, posing, on-site logistics and more. Give her a follow

Fun Facts about the project

grads photographed

Total number of grads photographed for the RETROSPECTIVES Grad Portrait Program.


shots taken

Lots and lots of photos taken. Each session had typically 70-150 digital photos taken within a 15 min. time period. The smallest expression can make the biggest difference.


days of shooting

29 Total Days of Photographing Nevada County Grads.