Little boy with large clydesdale horse behind him while he eats a pear.


While some photos require additional time to settle and mature, much like a fine wine, this is the story of one of those moments...

Now, these photos may not possess any extraordinary technical prowess, but armed with the story behind them, they transform into moments etched in memory.

During my photography assignment at the 2021 Draft Horse Classic, I stumbled upon a scene that begged to be narrated through the lens.

Initially aiming to capture the Draft Horse Classic poster mare, Rosebud, a majestic Clydesdale standing tall at 16.2 hands and weighing over 1600 pounds, I found myself captivated by a more enchanting spectacle unfolding before my camera.

An award-winning horse who graced the cover of the event poster.

a boy, a pear, a horse, and a moment...

Amidst the event, a young boy, delightfully nibbling on a pear, had been strategically positioned by his mother for a snapshot, with Rosebud forming a picturesque backdrop. As I observed, it became apparent that the horse was keenly aware of the fresh, delectable fruit within reach. Lowering her nose, she approached the little cowboy to get a closer whiff of the tempting treat. I seized the opportunity, clicking away as the beautiful mare and the young cowboy shared a moment worthy of being captured and told.

Interestingly, Rosebud, the same horse, served as the muse for artist Katherine Plumer’s masterpiece titled "Rosebud," chosen as the official artwork for the 2021 Nevada County Draft Horse Classic. The artwork, which was made available to the public through posters, shirts, blankets, and more, pays homage to this magnificent Clydesdale.

The side eye was strong with this one.

A winner of a photo

To my delight, the photograph found its way into the Western Fairs Association photo contest and emerged victorious, adding another chapter to the captivating narrative.