On course with josh.

With the excitement of the school year in full swing, it's easy to forget about Senior Photos. While fall is typically a great time to do this, there is no better time than the present to book your Photography Appointment now.

Meet Josh, class of 2022 at Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley, CA. Josh opted for downtown Grass Valley for his main set of photos with a secondary location set up at a local golf course. Luckily, downtown Grass Valley provided some excellent backdrops even with smoke-filled skies. Josh is big into golfing and water polo so what better way to showcase this than visit the course (the pool was closed). Together, Josh myself and his mom got to know one another and by the end of the shoot, we all felt like friends.

There is something special about photographing seniors, probably the fact that these young adults are heading into a whole new life path, be it college, a trade program, or diving right into the workforce. The world is wide open for these folks.